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Student Testimonials

“Knowing Janat and painting regularly means that I’ve developed a level of mastery in my life. By painting frequently, I’m living the life I dreamed of as a child.”

~ Barbara McDaniel

“I hadn’t painted for 20 years, and during one class with Janat, I rediscovered how much I love to paint.”

“A superb way to get through creative blocks and ruts.”

I LOVED our painting process yesterday! Every part of it! I started another painting this morning as well, I was so inspired.

~ Michelle, Manitoba Springs, Co

“I’ve gone back to my paintings two years later, and see things coming true today. I can see clearly now what I was expressing then.”

~Richard, Santa Cruz, CA

“Janat is warm, non-judgmental, and I felt I could trust her, trust myself, and keep going.”

~ Mary N., Ojai, CA

“The process that Janat teaches is like improvisational dance. You don’t know where you’re going, and you get to places you couldn’t imagine!”

~ Charles Horowitz, Ph.D.

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